Our playground is closed for renovation. 

This family area offers fun for all visitors from young children to the elderly. In addition to the shaded tree house, there is a playground with its climbing frames, slide and swings which are also designed to provide therapy for gross motor development.  Enclosed in a fenced-in area, children can play freely without worrying about traffic.

Our playground is an ideal location for children’s birthday parties which include visits to our petting zoo.  For more on our rentals please visit our rentals page.

The Bermuda Junior Service League with proceeds from the sale of the “Deliverance”,  generously donated the tree house and challenge area  to WindReach in 1997. The much loved tree house, equipment and imagination building toys that forms this area have served thousands of children of all abilities. Equipment doesn’t last forever but WindReach’s mission to celebrate all abilities will! Bermuda’s Meet a Mum Association, MAMA is spearheading an initiative to redevelop WindReach’s playground. Boundless Bermuda's vision  is an inclusive playground where children and adults of all abilities can have access to equal play. WindReach is thrilled to have MAMA recognize the importance of inclusive play and provide opportunities for individuals living with special needs.