Okay, it’s not for everyone but like any form of exercise, what is?

So why is WindReach catching onto the latest trend? Because we see beyond the two title components and want to share that vision with Bermuda. Not only does Goat Yoga let you experience the practice of Yoga in an enlightening and fun way, it adds a layer of animal therapy which can help balance mind and body for overall wellness. WindReach emphasizes celebrating all abilities and inclusivity in our core values. Goat Yoga seemed like a certain fit and we want to make it available for the community as a whole.  

Goat Yoga was a practice that started between close friends in Oregon, USA. The idea was simple; include goats at yoga sessions to surround participants with the love and enjoyment this relatively domesticated animal naturally exudes. It didn’t take long for participants to view the addition of goats as a fantastic contribution to their yoga class. These social and fun loving animals unknowingly supported participants to naturally relax, let go and enjoy their surroundings, their movement, as well as the meditation. As the concept of Goat Yoga was examined more closely, the benefits and positive outcomes were just what many different people, from all areas of life, desired to help them achieve balance with daily living.

The benefit of Animal Assisted Therapy spans the generations with results that vary for everyone. Individuals who may experience improved wellness from Goat Yoga are those who wish to improve physical health and love animals, individuals living with invisible illnesses, individuals on the autistic spectrum, adults who have an abundance of stress in their lives or experience mental health difficulties (including depression or anxiety). It’s time we became comfortable talking about and addressing mental wellness and how we can all benefit from taking care of ourselves.  No, we aren’t suggesting Goat Yoga will solve the world’s problems! But the goats and yoga will allow each participant to grow in a way that supports their goals and lifestyle choices.

Goat Yoga is back and starting March 13, 2019! Come try Goat Yoga Wednesday's at 6:00 pm and see how therapeutic recreation impacts you. Drop in class $25 or multiple session packages available for increased savings. 

For more information call 238-2469, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit www.windreach.bm. 



Goat Yoga FAQs

Who should try Goat Yoga?

Yoga experience is not a prerequisite, nor is experience with Goats for that matter. The purpose of the class is to enjoy yourself – everyone is welcome! Focusing on wellness is different for each of us and the class is delivered in a way that accommodates beginners up to advanced practitioners. Sessions are open to all abilities, individuals aged 12 and up. Those under 18 require parental consent on waiver. Students aged 12 - 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Am I ready to do a happy goat pose?

Please check with your physician if you have any medical needs that may prevent you from safely and comfortably participating. If you have any questions about current or past health conditions that may affect your ability to be safe and comfortable in the class please do let the instructor know before you begin. The instructor is available before each class and is there to ensure you have a meaningful experience. Letting them know your concerns or questions will greatly enhance your experience.


What do I wear and what shall I bring?

We recommend comfortable yoga wear, exercise clothes, whatever you choose. Just remember that the session is with your mat, on grass, with animals around you so we do not recommend your brand new Lululemons. We do not have a supply of mats. Should you want to come and try a session before you invest in a yoga mat we suggest you use a towel. Shoes are optional, but it is encouraged that you do not wear them.


What will the goats do in the class?

Our Nigerian Pygmy Goats are a core part of our Petting Zoo and participate in both therapeutic and recreational ways at WindReach. All of our girls are friendly, curious and enjoy the company of people. Although each session is different, you can be sure they will come and say hello and ask for a cuddle. They may enjoy some hay that is available to them or just walk around trying to see how they too can participate. If you are having a goat encounter during the session and require assistance, the yoga instructor or staff on duty will happily assist when asked.


What if it’s raining?

Classes will be held rain or shine. Outdoor setting is off the Main Activity Centre, lower level, at WindReach (57 Spice Hill Road, Warwick). Should the weather not cooperate, WindReach will use either our indoor arena or we will open the lower hall and have the doors to the covered porch open to allow the goats to roam indoors and out as they please. The area designated for the classes will be fenced to have goats involved in the class.


Do the goats poop?

Yes, they do! But it isn’t as often as you would imagine and will often be on the grass where it quickly becomes part of the earth. Should there be an accident near or on your mat, a member of our team will come to assist immediately to remedy the situation. We can’t promise it won’t happen, but will be right there to tidy up!


Reminders: General Yoga Etiquette.

Goat yoga is about you. Pretty much anything goes at a WindReach yoga class. As we acknowledge that all participants (and goats) may want to get something different out of the class, we ask that you read the following.

  • Go at your own pace! The class is designed for all levels. Always inform the Instructor before the class if you have any injuries or conditions.
  • Do not over do it! If you need to take a break do so. Listen to your body.
  • Please ensure your cell phone is off or on vibrate away from the class.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of class. This will assist with payment and ensuring your waiver is up-to-date for new participants.
  • Interactions with the Goats are encouraged – before, during and after the class, However, we ask that you respect their space too. Please do not grab, chase or try to pick up these gentle and intelligent animals.
  • Be a great listener during the yoga class. If you are new to yoga or perhaps enjoying a goat cuddle, just stop and listen. The instructor will guide you through positions and give direction on how to move your body. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to communicate with the instructor or look around to others for tips.
  • Bring water and stay hydrated.
  • WindReach provides treats for the goats and they enjoy hay in the class. We ask that you please do not feed the animals or bring food into the class.