WindReach Rental Frequently Asked Questions are answered!

WindReach offers a variety of accessible rental options for evening and weekend rentals. On occasion, WindReach can offer rental space during the week, however, it should be noted that such rentals are not always possible. We are committed to delivering our Therapeutic and Recreational Programmes to individuals with special needs and can only accommodate Event Rentals when it does not conflict with our Participant Programmes, Activities and Services. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Why do you require the Renter to be responsible for setup and post-event cleaning?

A: As a registered charity, our focus is providing services that meet our vision and mission. Event rental space is something we enjoy offering, however, it is not our primary niche. WindReach does not have a housekeeping / maintenance crew on staff to act as Event support. To keep the rental rate low the Agreement specifies the Renter is responsible for all setup and breakdown, including post-event environmental cleaning (ie: sweeping, mopping and trash removal). We are able to source cleaners to assist with post-event environmental cleaning, but this will be at an additional charge to the standard rental rate and must be confirmed prior to the Event.

Q: When will I receive my refundable security deposit back? 

A: Should the Rental Area be left in the same condition it was found, and the cleaning of the space has taken place as per the Rental Agreement, the Renter can expect a return of their security deposit within two weeks of the Event. Deposits made by credit card will be returned to the same card. All other security deposits will be actioned through an online bank transfer to the Renter’s specified account. Renters who delay in providing the return banking information may experience a longer wait for their return of funds.

Q: Why does WindReach have a strict no balloon policy? 

A: Although balloons are fun and fit all celebrations, they are not fun, nor do they fit, with our therapeutic animals. To be considerate of our animals’ needs and environment, WindReach does not allow balloons anywhere on the property as they can burst leaving harmful debris for curious goats, sheep, horses, bunnies and birds. Our animals’ spend time outside their enclosures, so even balloons on the playground can be problematic. Thank you for understanding and being considerate of the animals’ wellness.

Q: If I can’t tape or nail decorations, what can I do to decorate the rental space? 

A: We appreciate the importance of creating a space that reflects the purpose of the Rental. As a registered charity we are mindful of our appearance and try to protect from excessive wear and tear that can unintentionally result from tape on walls, windows, shades, doors, the pergola (on the playground) or with nails in walls, ceiling tiles, ceiling frames and woodwork. Please help up keep the rental space in good condition by being creative to accomplish the atmosphere required for the Event. We can authorize use of ‘command strip’ wall / paint safe adhesive strips, however, it is the responsibility of the Renter to ensure all strips are safely removed from all surfaces during the Event breakdown.

Q: I’ve rented the Playground for my child’s birthday party, but the forecast says rain. Now what do I do? 

A: WindReach can almost guarantee that a Boundless Playground Birthday Party will be a blast, but because we cannot guarantee sunny weather, with all playground rentals we put a ‘hold’ on the Activity Centre’s Lower Hall as a rain venue. This space is the prefect plan B to the Playground party that must go on! Unless previously arranged, WindReach does not offer rain-dates or last minute refunds for cancelations due to inclement weather. It should be noted that when the Playground is wet, we do restrict access for health and safety reasons. Using the Playground when the weather is raining, or when the Playground is wet, is at the sole discretion of WindReach’s Facilitator overseeing the Rental.