The Adult Day Programme provides purposeful and meaningful activities to enrich the lives of Bermuda’s aging population. The four-acre WindReach facility gives us the unique advantage of providing a variety of diverse activities for seniors which are both indoors and outdoors. Activities include: drumming and music enrichment, arts and crafts, animal interaction, gardening, visits to our sensory room, regular social gatherings and adaptive sports.

An additional component of our Adult Day Programme is specific to individuals living with dementia. With Montessori techniques implemented we provide all the same activities as above, on a smaller scale. Our dementia specific activities offer a calm and peaceful atmosphere that enables individuals to experience moments of fun and joy, a connection with others and a sense of belonging and purpose. The caregivers who accompany the participants are equally engaged in the activities resulting in a new community of people who face the same daily challenges, overcoming what can otherwise be an isolating, wearing and frustrating time.

Each area fills a much needed gap in the community by creating a nurturing environment for both seniors and those living with dementia.  

We know that our aging population, along with those living with dementia, can lead a more and more isolated lifestyle.  Taking part in meaningful activity can give an individual a sense of purpose, provide them with a change in environment and routine, improve their mental state and increase their health and wellbeing.  These therapeutic activities have also been proven to assist with providing non-pharmacological interventions that can be used for helping caregivers and families cope with changes in mood and behavior such as heightened anxiety, aggression, depression and lethargy.

Harvesting crops from the garden


We welcome individuals of all abilities and seek to provide a supportive and understanding setting which takes into account the different stages of aging or dementia that a person may be living with.  We know that each day can be varied and as such our programme is based on a drop-in structure providing the caregivers with flexibility in commitment.

If you are interested in participating in this programme please contact Cheree Wade at or call 238-2469 extension 210.