The Environmental Education Programme’s overall objective is to grow our participants’ understanding, exploration, use and enjoyment of the Natural Environment. Activities, events and experiences take place exclusively in the WindReach Natural Landscape, using this setting as our living classroom and therapeutic environment.

There is a heavy focus on gardening in order to help our participants to be directly involved in the cycles that govern the natural world, as we encourage them to become a key part in the development of our landscape throughout the seasons. Participants are involved in seed to table activities, arts and crafts with natural elements, animal interactions and adventures around our natural environment that is home to trees and trails and which support an abundance of creatures flying overhead, creeping alongside us or slithering under our feet.

The programme and activities are delivered, rain, blow or shine as we encourage our participants to experience the beauty of the environment throughout all of its transitions, and to understand appropriate interactions with Bermuda’s different weather systems and changes throughout the seasons.


Have you ever wondered what makes a donkey so much different than a horse?  Or, did you know that some goats can be smarter than even dogs? I bet you’ve never made lunch for a sheep before!  Come experience all of this and so much more on an Amazing Educational Adventure around our Animal Zone.  You and your youngsters will meet our Therapy Animals up close and personal while you learn about their habitat, their care, their funny behaviours and their relationships with the people they meet and the environment that we all share.  And when the animal fun is all said and done, top off your experience with a visit to our one of a kind, Best of Bermuda award winning Boundless Playground!

Environmental Education Adventures through the WindReach Woodlands – Term 2, 3 + Mid/End Term Breaks January – June 2023

Trees, Trails and… Tree Trunks!  Logs, Limbs and… Big Jumps!  From Tinctures and Teas to Art Projects with Leaves, come join us on our Woodland Wonderland Adventure … please!  

WindReach invites you and your little ones on an Environmental Education Adventure Hike through WindReach Woodlands!  We’ll learn all about the kinds of trees that create the WindReach ecosystem and their uses, as well as discover some historical monuments of our ancestors, while overcoming the natural obstacles that we’ll encounter along the way, all making for an incredible group experience!  

Register your group today with Omari Dill our Environmental Education Coordinator by sending an email to  


Group Size: 8 child minimum

Cost / Child: $10 / child

Includes:  A Mini-Hike through the WindReach WoodLand Trails (30 – 45mins) + Best of Bermuda Award Winning Playground Experience (90 – 85mins)

Please Note: The Woodland Trails can receive a maximum 25 children at a time.  If your group consists of more than 25 children, with your help we will divide them equally into sub-groups and rotate them between the Playground and the Adventure.

Environmental Education Animal Zone Field Trips

Days: Fridays

Times:11:00am – 12:30pm OR 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Nursery Schools – P2

Group Size: 8 child minimum

Cost / Child: $10 / child

Includes:  Animal Zone Educational Tour (35 – 45mins) + WindReach Animal Zone Activity Worksheet / Booklet + Best of Bermuda Award Winning Playground Experience (45 mins)

Primary Schools P3 – OLDER

Group Size: 8 child minimum

Cost / Child: $15 / child

Includes:  Animal Zone Educational Tour (35 – 45mins) + WindReach Animal Zone Activity Book and pencil + Best of Bermuda Award Winning Playground Experience (45 mins)

Please contact Omari Dill for more information: call 238-2469.