Located on the lower level of our Activity Centre is our recently upgraded Sensory Room and accompanying Activity Room (known collectively as the Sensory Room).  Thanks to the generous support of major sponsor, PartnerRe, and supporting sponsor, XL Foundation; the new Sensory Room was officially opened in June 2014.  Flaghouse (leaders in multi sensory environments), designed and installed the room which has incorporated the significant improvements that have been made with Sensory Room technology in recent years. This is the island’s only publicly available Sensory Room for individuals within the diverse support needs community. We encourage anyone with diverse support needs to consider its usage as an additional service that WindReach can provide.


A Sensory Room (also known as a Snoezelen Room) is a multi sensory environment, based on the concept that everyone has a right to quality leisure.  Everyone can enjoy a Sensory Room, but it has shown to be particularly useful for individuals with diverse support needs and behavioural challenges.

Sensory Rooms are widely regarded by professionals working with individuals with diverse support needs as a resource to improve the quality of life for individuals with diverse support needs.  Published reports document accounts of individuals who have stopped self-injurious behaviour, of people who have seen, spoken or smiled for the first time in years and of those who have shown unusual peace, happiness and contentment while using a Sensory Room

A Sensory Room may be used to educate, stimulate, relax, calm, or energize, as a multi-sensory experience or as a single sensory focus, simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the needs of the participant at the time of use. Moreover, a multi-sensory environment offers a highly motivating environment for users to enjoy sensory activities that are meaningful and appropriate, facilitated and shared by a therapist, teacher, or support worker.


Infants – babies who were born prematurely or those with diverse support needs

Children/Adults – with developmental disabilities, learning differences, autism spectrum disorder, behaviour disorders, ADHD, vision impairments, profound intellectual and physical disabilities as well as those with mental health conditions

Seniors – as well as those living with dementia


All individuals using the Sensory Room must be accompanied by an adult who has been shown how to use the equipment by a WindReach staff member.  An introduction will take 15-20 minutes and will familiarise you with the concepts of the two rooms and ensure that the equipment is maximized and used appropriately.  .

If you would like to book a visit to the Sensory Room or find out more please contact executivedirector@windreach.bm or call 238 2469